VS 2010 Beta 1: User Interface

Well, I’ve been browsing through Visual Studio 2010 for a while now. I’ve not gotten into coding but did get a chance to have a look at the User Interface for this product. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed.

  1. WPF is in: Oh yes, you heard right! The start page uses WPF for a clean and slick use. Have a look at the start screen (image in the gallery at the bottom)
  2. New context highlighting: Its bigger and better than ever! The editor looks slicker that ever before and I’m loving every byte of it ;)
  3. Changed Intellisense drop down menu: I must admit, my favourite part of the VS editor is its code intellisense and they have changed things up a bit in this department. I must admit though, I haven’t figured out what the Ctrl+Alt+Space exactly does :(
  4. Inbuilt support for Office projects: Want to write managed code extentions for Office products? Go right ahead. Start your work out of the box ;) I believe you don’t need to export PIA with your projects any more. (More on this in a technical detail post)
  5. F# supported OOB: I’m sure you have heard of F#, the object oriented functional programming language. Well, it isn’t an outcast any more. :P Visual Studio 2010 has full support for the language. No more need for downloading and installing separate binaries. :)

One thing still remains the same. The installer takes a lot of time to finish up the entire process. Also, .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 asked me for a reboot before proceeding with the rest of the installer (Don’t remember 3.5/2.0 asking for reboots in prior Visual Studios). I dislike installers asking me to reboot but I especially hate it when it doesn’t give me an option to restart later ¬¬. The installer isn’t going to go ahead either way. The rest will be completed after reboot. You should let me restart later ;( I’ll make sure I mention that in my feedback to the VS team :)

There are a lot of videos out there about Visual Studio. You might want to check out channel 9 for 10-4. The 10-4 shows are downloadable so you can get the weekly video podcast whenever you want :)

Au revoir!

Is Microsoft delaying Vista SP2 launch?

Microsoft is usually eager to release updates to its products. I have been seeing Vista SP2 news and downloadable links all over the internets. Release Candidates have been around for a while now but I never got any of them because I didn’t want to spend an hour or so on the update (that’s how long SP1 took to install) and then possibly have to do it again when the final SP2 comes out. I was just waiting for Microsoft to push SP2 through Windows Update.

Microsoft has come up with the RTM for Vista SP2. They have asked manufacturers to start shipping with Vista SP2 until 7 comes out. But they seem to want to hold off the release (for some reason not clear to me) until the original release estimate they had given, the end of Q2 (end of June).

May be it has something to do with what Bill Veghte had to say..

“If you’re just starting your testing of Vista, with the release candidate and the quality of that offering, I would switch over and do your testing on the release candidate, and use that going forward.”

Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President for Windows Business @ Tech Ed 2009

So I’m guessing Microsoft wants to push Windows 7 further. They are marketting it towards that set of population which didn’t like Vista, either because of the Mojave factor or its “high” hardware requirements (mostly the former I presume). As for organizations, if XP legacy is an issue, surely Windows 7’s XP Mode is there to help ;)

I still feel Vista doesn’t get its due credit, may be not as bad as Windows ME but Vista does deserve more credit. Most techies will tell you how much they love Vista but most laymen users generally prefer XP. I for one haven’t had many compatibility issues, nothing Compatibility Mode didn’t solve.

I like Windows 7 but at least for now, I shall still be in love with Windows Vista despite my systems having already moved to Windows 7. For its time, it was a truly great OS. It had tid bits of features that gave users a better UX and simultaneously had showstoppers to provide the WOW effect ;)

The one last machine I have on Vista is going to updated with SP2 tonight. I suggest you do the same :)